Build a rocket boys

Elbow has a great song.  Lippy kids.  The lyric says in part “build a rocket boys”  more or less before the realities of the world sets in on you and you loose the nerve or somehow become disenchanted with it.

Its a sentiment that works for people who are trying to be highly creative.  Taking someone else’s words and making them live is never easy. You have your perspective on what they mean to you.  You build your own rocket. 

When people get to a point where they want to do some level of promotion,  they probably have built more than this one rocket your working on.  They generally aren’t very patient or understanding about it.  After all the piece is a minute or two maybe.  Should just take that long to record it right?

Sponsors, clients,  whatever you call yourselves  or whatever you call them  (lets keep the word play down!) have probably not thought that it takes a while to get to a level of understanding. Not every kewl kid that knows how to run a computer program can do it.  Its acting.   Not every actor can stand on the spot and read the lines,  some are better with movement or need constant direction. 

So you got the parts,  and someone thought the table salt would make a nice white powder to stuff in the rocket. The actor gets frustrated,   the producer does not know how to hold it together or if its “on”,   and the client or sponsor wonders why these crazy people think they have something.

The rocket really needs to be the common language that scientists must use to bridge between math, physics and biology for instance.  Table salt needs to be replaced with a real fuel and the client needs to be clear its a process and its imperative  to communicate what makes the rocket go up.  What market are we talking to?  What turns that market on?  Why is it good? 

We should know why we are riding the rocket to the moon.  All of us,  on the team.