Latest acquisitions

Sony MDR headphones.  I didn’t think I would miss them so much,  but yes.  Finally the last working one started to go cyclops on me,  and I relented to purchase a replacement.  I know I run them over with the wheels of the chair.  But I am still leery of the RF from a wireless set.  I have spent so much time sound dampening computer noise that I shrink in horror at the thought still.  Its a 22 step program for me. Step 3 now.

The other thing is completely non essential and perhaps not a computer/producer thing.   I do like to write stuff as I think them.  With the million grammatical mistakes on this site you have the evidence.  Frankly to me its about the urgency for most media,  sometimes to the exclusion of talent or decent writing.  To balance that off I try to think outside  of the box.  Meaning also outside of  the deadline.

So your tires are on sale THIS FRIDAY ONLY.  I happen to think that it would be quite okay to change the copy/approach/or mastering during a campaign if its warranted.  Not just about result,  but also about making it more meaningful,  impacting and any other factor.

Probably you will not get a broadcast media to switch up versions of a commercial on a weekend or any other time the sales department is closed,   but your web site,  why not?   You control that don’t you?

I take a similar approach to writing.  If I get a better idea when I am hauling in mackerel I like to write it down when that inspiration strikes.   I have been using my phone for that,  but quite often I am in a coffee shop with WiFi  or some other place I can sit there for a bit and ponder.

This also applies to client sessions.  We can Skype it anytime I am near something and we don’t have to feel our Monday morning at 10am meeting is the end of the discussion.

We can allow that space to happen,  when you stop thinking and true inspiration follows the perspiration in the quiet moment.

Talk to me,  I am ready!