When I started this site a while ago.  Perhaps the 1920’s my intention was to straddle that line between professional and personal blog site.  Its interesting because obviously the blurred lines then are blurred beyond oblivion now. Facebook a little college prank no more…

I am even writing in something I would have paid big bucks for before.  A distraction free writer so I don’t go wandering off fixing plug ins and fiddling with HTML.

I stopped adding to the site a while ago.  I was using Linux,  now use Mac on a daily basis, and for recording I use Windows 10.  There I said it.  I am a fan of none.  So I feel anything I write about in tech should be commentary and not blog.  The difference I don’t know,  maybe it has to do with having to write everything in code and post the links by hand.

Its not an aversion.  Its not diverting either.  Its just I tore it down to make something that is compliamentary to the commercial part of the site and hopefully is silly or entertaining to the non commercial part of the site.

Infocommercetainment.  Lets publish that along with some new catagories before my spellchecker catches up and my SEO metering centering thing decides I should align this post with lychee nuts on sale a Zehrs. Great audience for it,  right?