Shouldn’t it be fun?

Not sure about this book I picked up.  Writing content for web is very SEO oriented and its a real win when you can do that organically.

What’s that mean?   Not what most people who haven’t looked at writing for the web books or other content means.

Writing for organic search results is different than writing organically.   Writing organically means to me  how my brain perceives it,  writing from the head and the heart.  Expressing yourself.

Writing for organic search results means writing in such a way that the excerpts create content tags that are scooped up by the search engines as index cards for your website.

So if I wanted to be searched and picked first on web searches for ice cream on Prince Edward Island,  I would create content that references it enough times within the SEO content rules that create greater chances of being seen by web spyders search sites for content.  Organically would mean your likely to be the first or one of the first that is indexed for that content.

An article like this may be referenced something like:

  • writing web content
  • seo
  • web books
  • other content
  • organic search
  • search engines
  • ice cream
  • prince edward island

It still seems to be that if I wanted to be listed under Voice over or its derivatives  that being at the top would probably mean paying some organization that specializing in SEO ranking to create ‘content’  that creates these indices and anything interesting about this site in my eyes runs a risk of being thoroughly trounced upon,  in order to insert key phrases.  This is trickier now,  first content was crazy putting in the catch phrase underneath the visible site and still visible to search engines.  Cheating.  Then web sites where creating “ice cream in Prince Edward Island”  articles that said little more than that.  A fun read?  Not.

This is why you can still find web sites are virtually unreadable or they repeat themselves so often you think it was created by someone with a syndrome.  I believe a certain amount of this is necessary to establish a commerce engine on the web (web site where only it makes money,  its the entire business).    I think content should be king, and that kind should be fun.   It should also be readable and hang with the SEO key words.

For this website there are things leading you up to a sale,  and its probably too subtle to be indexed properly for an organic search to bring you here.  That’s okay by me,  we still have phones,  and other ways to get peoples attention,  and usually all of the possible methods end up being part of the SEO mix.   Frankly I don’t care if you come here by chance,   I would rather you not be looking at 3,000 other voiceover sites.   That would make me cranky and tired.   I assume you would be similar,  and that’s no way to meet whether we do business or not.

Part of marketing a company or organization is very complex.  The web is one aspect.  We have to be specialists,   and obviously its your job to know what your customers are thinking.  Otherwise nobody can produce anything that speaks to them.