Take advantage of your website

Often there is a disconnect between the website and the business or organization. An explainer video is often prescribed. After all people are TV or action oriented and aren’t likely to sit still long enough without some form of moving pictures right?

When you decide to make an explainer video that explains your situation with the web visitor and does so in less and 3 minutes. Its all about the script and not the gimmicks. This is where people like me come in. I spent many years pulling the USP from advertisers, observing, and creating a minute of radio on the spot. Fun because I could see the results it triggered. Once the Premiere of my Province showed up.

That was then – presently there are  many videos on websites that try to do what I did.  Some almost create an emotion that inspires action, and let’s say it does. For a moment.

Does it compel conversion? Will it turn the key?  The point is its got to be a decent attempt.

If it fails it isn’t a flaw of execution, it’s because the wrong approach is taken to making the video. Even terrible videos that are on point will get better results than one that is a superb work that isn’t.

It’s about the script, not the video

Often, I had to PULL the key elements of a decent script out of advertisers. I dropped in from the clear blue sky  with  my mission was to do good media for 60 seconds. I certainly was not an expert about the business or organisation. I was an expert is getting it said, condensing the script to time, plucking the juicy highlights but not an expert at all about what was in it for the listener or reader when I was working in print.

Advertisers often had an idea about how it was supposed to go. Often very simplistic “make some noise” or “it needs more bold” – in print.

Really? I knew then what is true of any media a compelling script regardless of medium needs to be on point.  If the script isn’t good in that way, it won’t achieve what you expect or desire it to.

Out of the box, your video producer, marketing company, ad agency will at best guess. They will not show during the tiny amount of time that may be allotted by a web visitor  the pain points of the viewer,  reader or listener.

They don’t know how to write to boost conversions. Its like me pulling up in a station van or making a sales call.  You must know what stands a good chance of converting and be confident enough to place a wager of time and money on an explainer video. The conversions that result are worth the effort,  obviously,  as there are more explainer videos on websites and videos used by sales than ever.