Too Announcry?

I first saw that word applied to a self-promotion from another VO talent. It thought it odd but okay, I am less flavour but more buttery?

I get that there was a penchant within the business that had people sounding like James Earl Jones, or trying to. Well I never got there and I don’t try. But on certain pieces maybe I remind people of someone trying too hard to go there, to the basement of the voice.

Probably I have studied more than some that do try to hard,.I think I have been able to push myself closer to the basement without losing inflection and reality. For effect.  It’s fun on some pieces to be campy like Don Pardo or impactful on just about everything like Don LaFontaine.

But you know what there is an end of the day, and when you come to it you have to leave it all behind being prepared to start over again. Personally I am not going to worry about whether certain tones I produce on a piece sound reminiscent of my announcer days. I was one, I pushed my voice beyond its capacity at times and I did things that were beyond campy.

Now I am just the guy with enough skills to stand or sit down, I usually sit unless I am scary full of energy then I may need a bucket in the studio, the washroom is too far. I will do anything to create the sound that needs to be created for the length of time that it needs to play and no longer.

The audio assault that happens with certain promos is exciting but leaves me too sweaty, so I have toned down a bit and let the backgrounds and production work tell the story as much as I do. I no longer pursue the ultimate sound, though I do like to experiment from time to time and stretch the boundaries.

I am ensconced in this resolution and I think you should be too. I have heard the word announcry (which isn’t a word) applied in a demo of making demos. The people in it where hyper animated and short of real content. Super excited and crazily leaning on the hyperbole.

Whatever catches the ear, suspends disbelief and gets the message across is the point. The rest is style points.

We are all taking educated guesses at best creating materials to be read, heard, and we hope felt. There can be too much of something, except when it is for effect and it works. Too anouncry can be a Pardo like vibe you can feel for a moment. It can help to be bit of contrast to get a point across before or after a zinger,  and for added flavour it can be the zinger.  Good stuff is done on purpose along with the writing and constant sharpening of the saw,  sometimes right up until show time.  What gets to me about hyperbole as it was demonstrated recently,  its plastic and decided.   Doesn’t seem at all creative.

I sat down on a bench in London England last year. Saw a woman had a box of Crispy Crème donuts. We don’t have them here any longer. It struck a note with me and I could not tell you if the media used was too announcry or not. It still resonated. I also would like to Buy the world a coke, and I am only slightly reminded of it by the end of Mad Men.

We should be striving for more results than silly hyperbole, unless it’s  the point of the writing.