Tools of the trade

Years ago I somehow ran into the guy who does a lot of voice over in my country.  You hear him on government phone lines,  infomercials and probably most famously on a phone line for one of our banks.

We discussed how to get clients after exchanging a couple of quick emails,  he was kind enough to call me.  As soon as I heard the voice I knew what he did,  but not his entire career.  Just deadly familiar.  Like I was talking to James Earl Jones,  but not quite.  Not too the moon stuff.  This was good I was keeping my cookies so to speak.

We discussed this and that and we finally got on to tools.  I asked him about Adobe Audition and what he thought of this new effect and where would he use it.  He stopped me and asked me if I owned it.  Okay here I lost the cookies “you don’t do you?” .  He told me thats okay just make it legal as soon as I could.  He dealt with the bank and the government,  so he had to be legit.

I have noticed so many how to videos involving ProTools, Adobe Audition and others with people who clearly haven’t invested in it.  The crack is right there below the video and when you listen,  you can’t tell there is little experience to offer if any.  Yet it sounds cool they say!

I may be good for some and for others I make them loose their cookies at the sound of my voice.  Thats okay,  I am legit I have put the time in and I own legal copies of Reaper, Mixbus, Soundforge Studio.  I will look at producing a series to help recordists deal with how to use it. Because I would like to pass on what I know like what was passed on to me during that conversation with a pro that took the time.

I will insist like he did that you make it legit.  He told me he sat in a cafe and ran into someone then ran up the street and fired up Cooledit. A less expensive version of Audition and old at the time. This is where we got into the discussion of legit. “It does what I need, I own it, and nobody can question me.”

I have worked for a bank in the US and lawyers in California since that didn’t question me. I was ready if they did. It was better for me not to have to deal with the questions,  but no problems if they ask.

If your considering my work,  then you could consider this my answer.  I would be happy to show my serial numbers for my copies.