Working it!

Orson Welles – “Frozen Peas” Extended Animation Cut from Closer Productions on Vimeo.

This sums up some of the things that can go on and in this case rather famously.  Its been around a while.   Orson an extremely talented man becomes belligerent because he has been directly falsely enough times to be a bit paranoid about who he is working for.  Lets just say he has earned his foul mood at least partially.

The other side of it is because he was who he was he did get away with some rather rude or strange behavior.  He was a star at the time when stars were likely to have people try to handle them with kit gloves.   He probably didn’t work as often as the social media savvy people who aren’t ever OFF the media,  including some political figures.   That alone made his endorsement far more special than some today.

Lending his name or voice to something had an impact.   Way back just having a voice in the media,  a commercial for instance was enough to sell out a store, a warehouse or take orders.  Now perhaps its just the beginning of a trickle for some products or services.

The concerns he raises are valid ones.  Things need to be written in order to please the ear,   they also have to  best showcase whatever it is.   The two are sometimes opposed to each other and for all intents some level of psychiatric counselling may be the tie breaker.  Often artists have been known to forgo that counselling and have this conflict within.

This is not to say that Mrs Paul’s Fish Sticks really needs a talented Shakespearean actor with a temperament. But the result may not have been the same with someone else,  that’s easy to say.    Easier than crumb crust coating?